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Panamerican Health Center is a privately owned facility offering physical rehabilitation and pharmaceutical research for Phase 2-4 clinical trail services. Our bilingual staff carry of all the proper elements necessary to assure a successful project and client care.

OUR TEAM - Medical Research


Principle Investigators

  • Dr. Luis M. Ramos Gonez, MD - Family Medicine

  • Dr. Manuel Feijoo, MD - Orthopedic


  • Fabian Fontaine Figueredo, MD

  • Manuel Espinel, MD

Study Coordinators

  • Ana Padron - Research Director Site Coordinator

  • Luis Drago - Medical Assistant

  • Carlos A Rivero - Orthopedic Physician's Assistant, Foreign MD

  • Emilio Alvarez - Foreign MD

  • Diana Rave - Manager

Our Facility
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